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Plas Brondanw, Wales

Designed by the architect Sir Clough Williams Ellis as his family home and garden full of topiary shaped hedges. Close by to Port Merrion the fantasy village created by Sir Clough Williams Ellis and made famous in the TV series 'The Prisoner'

Evergreen Garden

An evergreen garden with statues and a pergola covered in ivy

Contemporary Town Garden

Town garden with a strong circular design theme, topiary and ornamental grasses

Harvesting & Storing Apples

Great selection of varieties to choose from. Make fresh apple juice by freezing your windfalls and then pressing them in a small press. Store this away for an Autumn Feature.

Painshill Park Landscape Garden

Painshill. A grade one listed 18th century landscape garden created by the Honourable Charles Hamilton, A tranquil setting enriched by many plants from America with a romantic landscape of garden moods created by follies, water, trees and shrubs in autumn

The Botanic Garden of Mallorca

Soller Botanic Garden sandwiched between the hills below the Serra de Tramuntans in the north of the Island and the sea. Discover the fauna and flora of the Balearic Islands and other areas of the mediterranean.

The Real Urban Jungle

A small town garden in London with many tree ferns and a ground cover carpet of Soleirolia soleirolii giving real meaning to the term Urban Jungle.

Sowing Green Manure

Sowing and digging in green manure through autumn, winter and spring