Hard landscape includes the more permanent features and structures like sheds, home offices pathways, steps, lighting, gates, paving, pathways, boundaries, fences, walls, garden furniture, seating, pergolas etc.

Garden Lighting comes in many forms for a multitude of purposes, from a simple tea light or candle lantern, 12 volt outdoor systems and mains security lighting. Used in a creative way they can enhance any garden.

Pathways can be made out of hundreds of materials including stone, wood and grass.

Doors form openings, portals, entry and exits to houses and gardens, depending on the type they can create a variety of different styles and atmosphere in a garden.

Steps are used where horizontal travel is required to link two points on different levels. Materials used creatively in landscaping vary from wood, stone, bricks, pavers, metal, gravel and many combinations of each.

Gateways form a point of entry to or from a space enclosed by walls, fences or other boundaries in a garden. They can be made out of a multitude of different materials, chosen to give a variety of different feeling of style, create a welcoming entrance to your garden and used for security.