Vegetables come in an array of shapes, sizes and varieties, grown indoors and out. They are usually broken down into four groups. Legumes including peas and beans. Alliums including onions leeks and garlic. Brassicas including Cabbages, kales and cauliflowers. Solanaceous, roots and tuberous crops which include tomatoes, potatoes and carrots.

There is nothing quite like the taste of a ripe tomato (Solanum lycospermum). They were first transported to Europe in the 16th Century, today there are thousands of varieties to choose from and they vary enormously in size and colour and flavour. Suitable for temperate climates, many varieties are grown in greenhouses and outside.

Cabbages are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. A leafy vegetable, they come in a great number of varieties for growing in summer, winter, spring and autumn.

Growing fruit and vegetables in the garden can take many forms, from the humble vegetable plot to ornamental potager's, allotments and growing in containers.

Potatoes are root vegetables originating from South America. There are many types available from traditional white and pink varieties to the more unusual purple/blue variations. All potatoes are pretty easy to grow in large quantities or even in a plastic tub.

This is a very diverse group of annuals also known as winter and summer squash and are fruiting vegetables. They are grown in a number of different ways, in greenhouses or outside. They can be grown as trailing vines, or as more compact bush plants.