Practical gardening step x steps from hard landscaping to making things for the garden and practical horticultural know how.

Brighten up your patio or balcony with this easy to follow step by step guide to planting tulip bulbs in terracotta pots for a colourful Spring display.

If neglected, fast growing fig trees can become quickly overgrown. This step by step guide shows how to untangle the mass of branches and rejuvenate an old overgrown fig tree.

Hedges can become a bit of problem to cut or trim if allowed to grow to a height which makes them difficult to maintain. Taking drastic steps to remedy the situation may seem daunting, but following some simple steps, your hedge can be green again within a season. Yew (Taxus bacatta) will grow again from old wood, so don't be afraid to cut hard.

Constant walking over a lawn getting from A to B can put a strain on the grass. It can compact the soil underneath, wear away the grass and create an unsightly pathway. A few brick pavers can solve the problem and enhance the garden at the same time.

Making a small water feature is not very difficult if you are reasonably competent at DIY, a few basic tools are all you need.

Make a Log simple fountain using tree logs sliced into sections.